You Might be a Climate Denier if Your Global Warming Mandated Windmills FREEZE SOLID IN TEXAS

“Green Energy” mandates plunge Texas into dark winter when wind turbines freeze dropping up to 90% of wind energy output causing widespread blackouts.


President Trump Surprises MAGA Supporters at President’s Day Rally

After the democrat’s  collapsed, thousands of MAGA supporters spontaneously took to the streets to show their appreciation for President Trump on President’s Day. They got quite a surprise as President Trump paid them a welcome visit in his motorcade to show his appreciation for them.


UPDATE: Charlottesville Lie Debunked in Senate Impeachment VIDEO and FULL TRANSCRIPT

Trump’s lawyer David Schoen obliterated the Charlottesville lie once and for all on the Senate floor so that it will go down in the historical record as yet another leftist .


Rand Paul – NO Chief Justice, NO President, 

The Chief Justice of the Supreme Court presides over Impeachment trials. THAT'S NOT THE CHIEF JUSTICE. Impeachment is to remove the President. DONALD TRUMP IS NOT THE PRESIDENT.



UPDATE: How Many Dead People Voted in 2020 Presidential Election?

Steve Bannon discusses the evidence of dead voters and other evidence of voter fraud with Peter Navarro in Bannon’s War Room. The dead voters in Georgia alone virtually covers the entire “victory” margin of Joe Biden in Georgia.


“I felt a great disturbance in the net, as if millions of Patriots tweeted out in terror and were suddenly silenced. I feel something terrible has happened.”

“Trump’s already been falsely Impeached.”
”Then as of this moment, he’s on Double-Secret Impeachment!

– Crazy Nancy’s Animal House


“The Best is Yet to Come” President Trump Farewell Speech with Transcript as He Hits 51% Approval with Historic List of Achievements

President Trump released a video farewell address to the nation on the eve of the installation of Gibberish Joe Biden who stole the 2020 presidential election.


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